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Founder & CEO
Data Scientist

Mike Zawitkowski

Mike Zawitkowski is a full stack data scientist with experience solving big data and machine learning problems since 1999—before “big data” and “machine learning” were trendy.

In 2016 Mike founded Acorn Analytics and has since led the team to strategically guide organizations towards more data-driven approaches. Past clients include software companies, startups, other consulting firms, and publicly traded companies in the Fortune 100. Mike and Acorn’s work has converted petabytes of data into millions of dollars of value.

Mike dreams of one day having alpacas (and one guard llama) on his property.

Senior Associate Data Scientist

Liz Mitnick

Liz, who has been part of the Acorn team since early 2019, earned her B.A. from Washington University in St. Louis, followed by a Ph.D. in Earth Science from the University of California – Berkeley. During her academic tenure, she gained experience in analytics, data visualization, and programming.

After earning her degrees, Liz pivoted from academia to the tech universe, taking her analytical science training and putting it to work as a data-whisperer. Not only does she excel at finding nuggets of insight amid messy datasets, Liz is also expert at communicating findings to her clients – making sure recommendations are actionable, concrete, and of course – backed by data. 

In her spare time, Liz enjoys making free-form art, writing, practicing yoga, and hanging out with her cool neighbors in Haight-Ashbury.

Data Scientist

Annie Rumbles

Annie is a biologist, turned photo editor, turned data scientist, and here is where she has finally found where her analytical brain works best. At the University of Colorado at Boulder, she obtained her bachelor’s in both Environmental Studies and Ecology & Evolutionary Biology – this is where her proclivity for the wonderful world of data began.

Fast-forward several years and she is a graduate of an intensive Data Science program, bringing the programming knowledge, data science skillset, and overall love of analysis and visualization to the Acorn Analytics team and its clientele. Your data has something to say – let’s hear it!

When not tucked behind her laptop, you will find her running, hiking, taking photos, reading, drinking a craft beer – or any combination thereof – with her trusty canine sidekick.

Business Development Associate

Amber Bruce

At her last company Amber was involved in the creating incentive programs for customers, telling the company origin story in a podcast, and developed/co-lead their culture hack program for employee-driven initiatives.
She holds a bachelor’s degree in English Literature. She’s used this skill to create project roadmaps and presentation decks. Her early “career” started as a live-in volunteer with an intentional community in the remote forests of Oregon. There she learned conflict resolution, committee management, and the value of hard labor tending her farm and 80 acres of forest.
She’s most excited to be part of a company whose values are beneficial to the LGBTQ community and her lifelong home in the SF Bay Area.

Director of Business Development & Sales

Stephanie Magniccari

Stephanie has an established background in sales, marketing, and business development. She has held positions in roles that support fortune 500 companies as well as helping small business owners start and scale their organizations.

As a recent Data Analytics Bootcamp graduate Stephanie is excited to use her newly developed technical skillset to partner with Acorn Analytics in the pursuit of connecting clients with their data and in turn championing each company’s ability to achieve their goals through data!

In her offtime Stephanie enjoys exploring the wilderness of Colorado through hiking, camping, biking, and kayaking. Otherwise, you’ll find her expanding her knowledge through books, podcasts, documentaries, and stimulating conversation.

Human Resources

Shoaleh Ghaffari

Shoaleh has spent her entire career in human resources. Her prior roles entail leading the HR function with 260 employees globally; and also establishing the HR function at a start-up, building up the company to accommodate the growth needs of the organization to over 350 employees, and finally leading up to the IPO. These days she loves focusing on smaller companies and helping shape the culture, team and people processes for success as the team grows.

Shoaleh has a B.S. in Business Administration from UC Berkeley and an M.S. in Human Resource Management from Golden Gate University.

Her interests outside of work include hiking/walking, group fitness classes, writing, reading and listening to podcasts.

Get to know our teammates.  

Melissa Lin

Data Scientist

Melissa spends too much time shopping online, putting things in her cart and never checking out.

Arash Payan

Software Developer

Arash does not own a pair of dress shoes.

Marcin Polkowski

Senior Data Scientist

Marcin has three daughters and still hopes for a son.

Sonia Przygocka

Full Stack Data Scientist

Sonia created a gatling gun out of paperclips for a class project.

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Please note that we only consider applications that express specific interest in our company and who are interested in doing both client facing and behind-the-scenes analytical work.