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Why value diversity in tech?

A lot of talk about diversity is thrown around these days.

Why does diversity in tech matter so much?

As the technology industry explodes, the future is being built before our eyes. If only a few perspectives are involved in this development, then the technological infrastructure of our world is going to be designed in the favor of the few who design it. We need technology that works for us all. That sees everybody.

Everybody has bias. It takes a collection of people with different experiences, cultures, feelings, perspectives to get the most comprehensive view of what that bias is. So we can go into the future with our eyes wide open.

It’s easy to fear the future when technology feels like it’s built by those who don’t understand or care about you. But, you don’t have to be afraid – you just have to partake. It’s time to show up and have a say, so we can build technology that sees everyone.