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Misleading Covid-19 Charts and Data

When I originally wrote this post, I thought that the author of this chart should be applauded for a level of creativity akin to some sort of “evil genius.” In fact, I had the words “evil genius” in the working title.

Calibrate Your Moral Compass | Ethics in Data Science Part 3

For this final post, we are going to dive deeper into the weeds of the positive tips and tricks for staying sane in an ethically-questionable world. Or rather, what I personally do to try to stay grounded in what I believe is ethical and moral.

Uncle Bob’s Volkswagen | Data Science Ethics Part 2

In this post we’ll delve into the data science portion of “Ethics in Data Science”. We’ll look at our current system of self-regulation, possible models of external regulation, and the implications for ethical data scientists. This is the second in a series. If you haven’t already, catch up and read part one. Uncle Bob’s talk Robert…
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Ethics Start From Within | Ethics in Data Science Part 1

I will show you how I make ethical decisions. Our culture and profession of data science is young and evolving. The following is how I try to stay ethical while enjoying the ride.