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Data Analysis in Action: LA Traffic

Jai is a Data scientist with Acorn who specializes in building models that help our team understand the avalanche of numbers that come in from our clients.    If you like the work you just read and want to work the Acorn Team  fill out the Contact Us form and we’ll be in touch. 

Business Growth Metrics

Business growth is easier with more than one metric. Trying to apply the “One Metric That Matters” (OMTM) to a company you wish to be successful is a myopic recipe for failure. Instead, you must use a collection of metrics to provide a realistic assessment.

Picture of old spray cans. Photo by Aleksander Naug on Unsplash

Grayscale Testing Graphs

TL;DR: Because of printers and colorblindness the color palette of your chart, graph, or data visualization must work in grayscale. While we analytics nuts were conducting research on color schemes most appropriate for a data visualization for one of our clients, I happened to enter the phrase, “colors to use in charts” into Google. At…
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