Introducing the new website

We really loved the old site, its design and its simplicity. Unfortunately, it was not what we needed as we grow as a company.

For starters, the old site struggled to satisfy our hunger for knowledge. We are all about using the scientific method to experiment and learn. We needed something a little more up to the challenge of allowing us to quickly test ideas.

We also were interested in using a platform that was more inline with what our clients were going to be using. The feeling was that by using the same tools that they do, we’ll be better qualified to help them answer questions and get stuff done.

In addition, we have long been using Medium for our blog, and we’ll continue to do so, but we are excited about the prospect of managing our own blog.

What we are not doing is officially replacing, not just yet. We have an opportunity to run them both in parallel while we play with some content ideas. Eventually this new site will replace the other, but not yet. We are doing a soft launch. This is partly inspired by Freshbooks, who launched a competing product to perform feature experiments without impacting current customers. While we aren’t going to go THAT far, it made sense to run both domains in parallel for a short while.


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