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Visualizing COVID-19 Survey Data

We sent out a survey asking people to interpret various graphs that showed information about COVID-19 cases. We asked some basic questions comparing various line and bar graphs, and here’s a bit about what we saw.

Misleading Covid-19 Charts and Data

When I originally wrote this post, I thought that the author of this chart should be applauded for a level of creativity akin to some sort of “evil genius.” In fact, I had the words “evil genius” in the working title.

How to Use Random Seeds Effectively

How much time did you invest in your machine learning model? There’s a chance that your results are horribly skewed. If a data scientist doesn’t pay attention to random seeds they could be negating all their work. 

Data Analysis in Action: LA Traffic

As a Los Angeles resident for 7 years I’ve sat in more than my fair share of gridlock. That dead stopped line of cars seemingly regardless of time of day or day of week. As a result, when I stumbled upon a traffic collision data set maintained by the city of Los Angeles I put my data analytics training into action.

Why You Should Switch to Time Series Analysis

If you answered yes to all of the below, you should switch to time series analysis; Does your business of work with humans? Would you like to understand them? Influence them? Do you use data for that? Most people in the business of serving humans or crunching data will need to consider where their analytics…
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Survey Responses Gone Bad

Do you think all the responses in that survey of yours are equal in value? Think again. Read on to find how your survey responses fail and how it will affect in your data analysis. A screenshot showing a glimpse of data in a real employee engagement survey. Check out the picture above. The picture…
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